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do know anyone that can help me with my situation and can resolve it. I don't want to get a lawyer unless i need too. I was visit the American tires stores on June 9 to get my flat left rear tires place and also the right one. My appointment is was 10:30am and my car got service at 10:40am so i though i just wait since the staff say only take 45 minutes to replace it . i was waiting for nearly 1 hour and only see the flat tire was still working on and took a very long time. the staff came up to me about 1 hour and say my left rim was damage because of the flat tire and i say ok must be from the flat tires and i was think to myself i don't remind was this damage and dents this like, i was in the hurry to get to the airport and they look forever for the first tire and the second tire was quick. i know nothing about car beside pump gas and drive. I came home and show to 2 of my friends who help me put on the spare tire. they both is in shook that my rim was so damage and i ask both of them if they remember cause by the flat tires and both say is not from the flat tires since your rim have no scratch or sign that you are riding your rim on the road. i came back to the store and show to one of the staff and the store manager Dave came out and take a quick look and walk away and say this not cause by us. so i decide call the regional office and James call me, he speak to me with well manner and me to take my car to store again so they can take a look. I schedule a time to meet Dave at 1pm and show up at 1pam and he out for lunch. He could of call me and tell me he out for lunch or schedule another time with me. I was angry and disappointed with service with the customer service. I was try to contact James again and but cannot get a hold of him after that. I call the regional office and speak to Megan and she ask me to give the store another chance so they can take car of me. so i did, I got a miss call from dave and I call back and he say " why are we talk about this when is clearly your fault" and he say we going to file insurance claim and have me deal with them and giving a attitude and hard time. He didn't bother to ask me to come in again so he can take a look but mainly yell at me over the phone. Please help

cuu vo


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person is quite happy with location near my house and stated that there is a room for improvement of gm was rude and upsale charge me on the warranty without asking first. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of a product or service. Americas Tire needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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